Beyond Cost Plus: Profitable Pricing Workshop

A longer program that includes material from other sessions, this covers everything a florist needs to profitably price both their retail and event work.

This is our longest program. It combines the content found in both the retail pricing and wedding/event pricing sessions into one complete program that covers everything a florist needs to know about pricing more profitably.

It starts off looking at real world examples that powerful illustrate how the rest of retail has moved beyond the traditional cost plus pricing model, then deconstructs those examples to explain some of the core pricing tactics that will be mentioned throughout the program.

The next segment looks at how florists can use these tactics to better, and more profitably, price their retail work. There is so much research and so many examples to draw from – the finest schools, smartest researchers and most successful businesses have so much to share and this segment takes a close look at the best of it.

Finally attention is turned to the complicated business of quoting weddings and events. A new approach is introduced – one that should result in more bookings and greater profits.

Participants will leave with everything they need to know to start pricing more effectively as soon as they return to their flower shops.


This program runs 120-180 minutes and typically involves at least one, sometimes two, breaks. It can also be spread over two separate days.