It's time to move beyond the traditional cost-plus model



Helping retail florists in particular take advantage of the advanced pricing strategies employed by the largest and most successful companies in the world.

Small businesses like florists are vital to the economy and our communities but they are underserved when it comes to pricing information. Without the advanced forecasting and Revenue Management departments found in larger companies they tend to fall back on the traditional cost plus pricing formulas of the past. Beyond Cost Plus is about deconstructing sophisticated pricing models and advanced techniques so that smaller retailers can implement them and reap the rewards.

Beyond Cost Plus was started by Mark Anderson, a software developer that had created a "vertical market" software solution for retail florists - a complete POS/CRM system called FloristWare. In working with the small business owners that run the vast majority of real brick & mortar flower shops he realized that pricing information was hard to come by. There were a lot of great resources on costing and the cost-plus pricing model but very little on the more advanced models being used so successfully in other industries.

There were a few florists that seemed to have figured pricing out, straying from the traditional cost-plus model to varying degrees and with varying success. They were kind enough to share their philosophies.

Mark took this information and begin a serious, almost decade long, study. He compared these contrary ideas against the most current pricing research from many different industries – looking for parallels and trying to understand why they worked.

Since then Mark has been trying to get this information out, to the people that need it most, at every opportunity. This website is one channel. Mark also speaks at floral industry events on this topic. It is not a small undertaking and FloristWare acts as the sponsor of Beyond Cost Plus.

Who We Are

Mark has a lifetime of experience in the flower industr. He has taken the most sophisticated pricing models developed for other highly competitive industries and applied them to selling flowers.

What We Do

We help small retail florists break free of the widespread but outdated cost plus pricing model and implement the same kind of advanced pricing strategies employed by the most successful and profitable companies in the world.

What We Bring

We bring informative sessions to your floral industry convention or trade show that will provide your attendees with everything they need to increase profits as soon as they get back to their shops.

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