Beyond Cost Plus: A More Profitable Way to Quote Weddings and Events

A new way to quote weddings and events that results in more sales and larger profits by self-streaming customers according to how they value your product.

Quoting wedding and event work is vital to your success as a florist. It's like a high stakes card game where fortunes can change very quickly – pick up a few profitable events and things look great, lose a few and things can suddenly seem very dark.

What are some of the things that can go wrong when you quote an event?

You Lose The Sale Over Price

If you could not have possibly gone any lower than this may have been inevitable, but was there a way you could have framed the value a little differently so that your higher quote might have seemed like a better deal than the cheaper quote that came from the florist across town?

And sometimes you would have gone lower... if you had known shaving $150 off that quote would have gotten you that wedding you would have. Happily. You didn't want to lead with that price, but you would have gladly done it and still made a nice profit.

Is there a way to quote that lets price-sensitive customers find a price they like? 


They Say Yes Too Fast

When you lose a few events it's easy to start thinking that you need to sharpen your pencil and cut your prices. The good news is that the customer takes the deal, the bad news is that you realize they would have gladly paid more.

Is there a way to quote that avoids this?


They Say No Because You Were Too Low

This is the most painful way to lose an event – the customer goes with a "better" quote because they assume that "better" means more expensive. If you had known they thought that way you would have charged more!

Is there a way to quote that wins over these customers that are actually looking to pay more?


There is a way to quote that avoids all of these outcomes. The best part is that you don't need to know exactly what kind of customer you are dealing with – your quote will stream them in a way that reinforces your brand, secures more event business and brings you greater profits.

That is what this session is about – teaching a new way to quote event work that will make you more profitable.

The session session includes a quick look at a number of pricing tactics like decoy pricing, anchor prices and hurdles before more closely examining how they can be used as part of a new and more sophisticated approach to securing wedding and event work.

Florists will leave with the skills needed to start pricing more effectively as soon as they return to their shops.


This program typically runs 60-90 minutes and can be adjusted to the demands of the show schedule.