Northeast Floral Expo Follow-Up

A Beyond Cost Plus Session Was Held This Past Weekend at the Northeast Floral Expo

Northeast Floral Expo Follow-Up

The new Beyond Cost Plus session on helping florists book more, and more profitable, wedding and event work was presented again this weekend, this time at the 2015 Northeast Floral Expo. The material looks at how retail florists can get beyond the cost-plus pricing model and use value pricing when quoting wedding and event work.

Attendance and participation was very good, and there were great questions from the retail florists in attendance during and after the session. Many of the questions afterwards dealt with pricing standard products – things like a dozen roses, etc. This is an interesting, but very separate topic – hopefully one that could be presented another year.

Until then the next stop for this material is the WUMFA Annual Convention this coming weekend.

Thank you to FloristWare for sponsoring this content. They continue to be the only independent provider of POS technology for retail florists that provides educational content at shows and conventions.