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Color can be used as a hurdle to identify buyers focussed on price, discount to them exclusively, while not discounting to those less concerned with price.
The terms Price Discrimination and Differential Pricing are sometimes used interchangeably, and there can be some overlap, but there are some important differences as well.
Popular movies are released on digital media in a bewildering number of versions and formats in a great example of differential pricing.
Distinguishing products to make them more attractive to a particular target market and, hopefully, more profitable. This can involve differentiating from competitors' products or a firm's own products.
Looking at how people respond to Kobe beef teaches a lot about how customers react to premium options/prices, and that can help sell more flowers.
We get so hung up on customers that are focussed on price that we make an expensive mistake – we forget about those willing to spend more. Premium gasoline shows why we always need to give customers the option to spend more money.
The traditional cost-plus approach to pricing dictates that price is a function of cost. So why are e-books (no printing, binding. etc.) more expensive?
Three quick pricing tips retail florists can use to increase sales and profits at Valentine's Day.
Different buyers mean different approaches, and price-sensitive customers need to be handled differently when pricing premium versions.
Smart pricing lets customers that place a high value on a product spend more - if a customer wants to spend more good pricing lets them do just that.
The pricing strategies used by Hollywood often show as much imagination and creativity as the movies themselves, and other vendors can learn from them.
Homer's visit to the fictional home of Duff's illustrates an important reality of product differentiation.
How a retailer offers identical products at very different prices, just feet away from each other inside the same store, to efficiently allow customers to segregate themselves and increase sales.
A recent personal experience illustrating how effectively simply changing the way a price is presented can influence purchasing.
Volume discounts don't always make sense. Charging a higher per-unit cost in a larger pack size contradicts the traditional cost plus pricing model but offers vendors a great way to increase profits.
Make better pricing a resolution for 2017. Here are five five pricing concepts florists can use to generate more sales and greater profits this year.

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