How Bundles Can Increase Sales In Your Flower Shop

Newly added content looks at product bundling. Mixed bundles, pure bundles and the differences between them, real world examples of each and the appeal of bundles to the consumer.

How Bundles Can Increase Sales In Your Flower Shop

Bundles are a very powerful way to increase sales and profits. New content recently added started by looking at the concept of bundling in general and the differences between pure bundling and mixed bundling. Although the term "bundle" is used describe both there are important differences between pure and mixed approaches and it is important to understand.

The next addition looked at the appeal of bundles. Product bundling is incredibly effective for retailers and popular with customers, but why? New content looks at why bundling is so powerful.

Then new examples of product bundling in the real world were added. These case studies look at movie theater snacks, and they join the many other examples of bundling (please see "Related Material" below) on this site. The goal is to put the terms into a real world context so they are easier to understand.

An additional post looks at how the travel business employs revenue management strategies, and how these same ideas can be used by a retail florist. A resort prices their rooms according to the way travellers value their product and florists can do something very similar.