Beyond Cost Plus at the 2014 FSFA Annual Convention

Thanks to the hardworking volunteers of the FSFA and the florists that participated in the Beyond Cost Plus session for their enthusiasm and support.

Beyond Cost Plus at the 2014 FSFA Annual Convention

Earlier today I gave a Beyond Cost Plus presentation at Florida State Florists' Association Annual Convention in Weston Florida. It covered some of the pricing strategies used in other (non-floral) retail and industries (entertainment, travel and foodservice & hospitality, etc.) and how retail florists can apply those techniques to their own pricing to increase sales and profits.

These sessions are a lot of fun. We all make decisions based on price almost every day - it surrounds all of us all the time. Pricing has fascinated me for almost twenty years and I have studied it seriously for the last ten. During that time there were so many great little moments when, through research, the sometimes nonsensical real world pricing I saw every day suddenly just clicked. It didn't just go from strange to making sense – it suddenly seemed brilliant.

In the session today we went through many of those examples, and it was great to see the people in attendance have similar reactions. It's even better when you those florists realize just how simple and effective it will be to apply those same techniques back at their own stores.

We had a great crowd, good questions and positive feedback afterwards. It was a pleasure to do it and I am grateful to the FSFA for the opportunity.

I had heard great things about the annual FSFA convention from friends in the industry and clients in the area for years. This was the first time I went and it was most ambitious volunteer show I have ever seen and it was an amazing experience. I am very grateful to all the volunteers for their hard work and hospitality.