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Pricing information most relevant to retail florists looking to achieve more sales and larger profits through better pricing.


Over time this website has become increasingly focussed on retail pricing for florists, specifically how the retail floral industry can get past the traditional cost-plus formula and enjoy the greater profits that come with the latest developments in psychological pricing and revenue management research.

The content that has been tagged as being most relevant to the retail flower business appears below. If you are in the business of selling flowers there may be something here for you.

Baggage Fees, Entitlements and the Perils of Unbundling

Earlier today I was speaking with a florist that was looking at changing the way they charged for some ancillary things (delivery, etc.) and it brought to mind the dangers of unbundling things perceived as entitlements.

Benefit From Pricing Research From The Restaurant Business

The restaurant business is big, and has the money to do some outstanding research – much of which can be applied to retail floral.

Bundling & Unbundling In The Flower Business

After decades of unbundling delivery fees and service charges should retail florists consider offering bundled prices as an option?

Cheap Doesn’t Have To Mean Great Value (Or Lower Margins)

A price-sentistive customer is likely more focused on price than value, and there is no reason to cut your margins on your least expensive products.

Costco/Amazon Prime Model Taken To The Extreme

This real life example shows how far you can take a pricing model similar to that used by Costco and Amazon Prime. Can florists do the same?

Five Things A Butcher Can Teach A Florist About Pricing

It might seem strange but there are many parallels between this small local butcher and local florists – and there is a lot he can teach them about pricing.

Florist Guide To Pricing Flowers For Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day happens just once a year. A look at how modern pricing practices and a yield management approach can help florists generate maximum profits.

Gasoline, And Why You Should Always Let Customers Pay More

We get so hung up on customers focussed on price that we make an expensive mistake. Premium gasoline shows why we always need to let customers pay more.

Guide To Yield/Revenue Management Pricing For Retail Florists

A comprehensive guide to how the most effectives yield/revenue management pricing techniques can be applied in the retail flower business is now available.

Mother’s Day Pricing for Profits – An SAF WebBlast

The Society of American Florists (SAF) is helping their member florists by presenting a webinar on using pricing to increase Mother's Day sales and profits.

Pricing Concepts Florists Should Master In 2017

Make better pricing a resolution for 2017. Here are five five pricing concepts florists can use to generate more sales and greater profits this year.

Profitable Pricing For Two Very Distinct Customer Personas

Some florists face a pricing challenge – maintaining affordable prices for year-round residents and more profitable prices for affluent summer residents.

The Single Rose Disconnect – They Can Make You Money!

Single roses mean one thing to florists and something very different to customers. Understanding the customer mindset unlocks low-risk, high-profit sales.

Weight-Out In The Flower Business

Weight-out (reducing standard package sizes) is a common approach to hiding price increases, but it presents real problems for retail florists.

What A Bad Menu Can Teach A Florist About Selling Flowers

A chaotic restaurant menu that makes ordering a painful and confusing experience has a lot to teach about preparing a flyer for floral holidays.

When "Free" Really Just Means Different (And More Expensive)

Free floral websites are anything but. In fact they are usually the most expensive website option for florists that want to sell flowers online.

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