Beyond Cost Plus in Floral Retail - 2014 GLFE

Mar 08th 10:15 am - 11:00 am
The Great Lakes Floral Expo - DeVos Place / River Overlook Room, Grand Rapids, MI


Every customer is different and every time you offer a product at a pre-determined price you are assured of two problems: some customers will buy but would have happily paid more, others will pass but have gladly purchased at a lower (but still profitable) price.

In this session we'll look at some of most effective strategies in retail for getting more customers to buy and buy at the most profitable price for you.

This pricing session does not involve margins, COGS calculations, marketing or salesmanship. Instead we’re going to look at proven, real-world strategies like versioning, bundling, hurdles, high-low pricing, discounting and more... techniques that shape our own buying habits almost every day, and then examine how they can be used in retail floral.

The goal is to send you back to your shops with a powerful new pricing strategy that leaves every customer feeling like they got the best possible value and you with the greatest possible profit. 

This session is sponsored by FloristWare - the most powerful, affordable and popular software solution for retail florists.