WUMFA 2015: Quoting Events

Mar 21st 9:00 am - 10:15 am
2015 WUMFA Annual Convention - Green Bay WI

Quoting events and weddings is a complex business that florists confront on a regular basis. Price too high... and you risk losing the customer that puts budget first. Price too low... and you risk underselling a customer less focussed on budget and willing to pay more. Even worse – you risk undermining your brand and reputation.

This presentation will cover demonstrate how advanced pricing strategies can help florists...

  • avoid losing potentially profitable events when dealing with budget-conscious customers
  • leave less money on the table by not undercharging customers less sensitive to price
  • use their pricing as a powerful way to establish and strengthen their brand

Florists will leave the session with a new approach to quoting events and weddings - an approach that will help them book more (and more profitable) weddings and events - with less second-guessing.

The presentation takes place at the 2014 WUMFA Annual Convention in Green Bay Wisconsin.

This presentation is sponsored by FloristWare - the most popular independent POS/CRM system for retail florists - and is presented by Mark Anderson. FloristWare is also sponsoring additional sessions at WUMFA focussing on bigger sales through better sales practices with Tim Huckabee, founder of Floral Strategies.

More information on this session may be found on the 2015 WUMFA Lanyrd page.