Feb 7, 2017, 2:17 AM
Patience, and the ability to wait, can mean lower prices. What situations tend to reward patience?
Jan 24, 2017, 2:19 AM
It's easy to assume that packages or bundles provide some kind of special value but they're playing tricks on you. Save money by not falling for it.
Jan 10, 2017, 2:21 AM
Ever fallen so in love with what you were saving that you paid less attention to what were you getting, and ended up with something you didn't need or want?
Dec 27, 2016, 12:49 AM
Make better pricing a resolution for 2017. Here are five five pricing concepts florists can use to generate more sales and greater profits this year.
Dec 22, 2015, 2:20 AM
A look at "stealthy" price increases and why "free" so often just means a different (and usually more expensive) price structure.
May 19, 2015, 1:46 AM
SAF is presenting three pricing sessions, geared towards the retail florist, as part of their new WebBlast series of webinars – free to all SAF members.
Apr 14, 2015, 1:55 AM
Beyond Cost Plus sessions on two different aspects of pricing in retail floral were presented at the 2015 Maine State Florists Spring Conference.
Mar 23, 2015, 2:04 AM
It was great to meet - and talk pricing with - the members of the Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Florists Association at their Annual Convention in Green Bay.
Mar 17, 2015, 2:05 AM
A Beyond Cost Plus Session Was Held This Past Weekend at the Northeast Floral Expo
Mar 9, 2015, 2:07 AM
On Saturday and Sunday Beyond Cost Plus sessions were presented at the 2015 Great Lakes Floral Expo in Grand Rapids Michigan.

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