Self-Perpetuating Hurdles: Discount Tuesday Revisted

Apr 07, 2015


Appealing to a group sensitive to price (teenagers) Tuesdays create a hurdle for anyone willing to pay more. The bigger the discount, the bigger the hurdle.


Another post looked at the tradition of discount Tuesdays at the movies, and how the discount created its own hurdle. By appealing to a group that is sensitive to price (teenagers) the discount became must less attractive to the adults willing to pay more in order to avoid the the noise, commotion and distraction.

The theater in the photograph below is taking it to a new level – bigger discounts (just $5.oo instead of their usual $10.50) and free popcorn. This in tuen makes the offer even more attractive to the price sensitive customers that are in effect the hurdle used to scare off people willing to pay more.



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