New Beyond Cost Plus Sessions Announced For 2015

Aug 28, 2014

The first two Beyond Cost Plus events of 2015 have been announced.


The Beyond Cost Plus sessions in 2014 were focussed primarily on modern pricing practices and how florists could apply them to their standard fixed-price products. These presentations were very popular - in each case it was standing room only, with great feedback coming in afterwards.

These new sessions address a different, but very important, part of the floral business: quoting events and weddings. Something florists do all the time, most often using the standard cost-plus pricing model, that can benefit greatly from more advanced pricing techniques. The goals? More events, greater profits, and an enhanced brand image.

These events are taking place at the annual conventions of the MFA (Michigan Florists Association) and WUMFA (Wisconsin and Upper Michigan Florists Association). More details on these presentations can be found on our Events page. Both events are sponsored by FloristWare – the most popular independent POS system among professional florists who are serious about their success. These sessions will be presented by Mark Anderson, creator of FloristWare and founder of Beyond Cost Plus.


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